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Among the most important tasks of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is keyword research. Keyword research is called the soul of SEO. Because when you start doing SEO, you are targeting a specific keyword. If you make a mistake in selecting the keywords, your entire SEO work may render in vain. So, before you start working on a keyword, you must find the appropriate keyword correctly by keyword research. In a variety of keyword research scenarios, we can use various tools for keyword research.

Determine target

The first condition of keyword research is to determine the exact target. Why do you want to do keyword research, what do you want to get from keywords, etc. The biggest mistake in doing keyword research is thinking about how much traffic can we draw from this keyword research. Your goal should not be to bring more traffic. If they could draw traffic, but sales do not grow, this traffic does not bring value to your business. Rather, the goal should be to increase sales. And your sales increase when your website gets targeted traffic. These targets should be based on keyword research.

The target of keyword research may fall under 4 categories:

  1. Sales
  2. Taking a variety of issues of the Sales funnel.
  3. AD click and AD impression
  4. To inform customers about the site, service, or product.

Once you determine the correct aim, then, you can easily understand what kind of keywords you need. And based on that, you can create content and marketing strategies. You can select a variety of keywords and work to increase direct sales.

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The first two categories are directly related to sales, while the next relates to consumers. So, you need to understand your required keyword in accordance with the goals set.

Money phrase

In the case of keyword research, it is important to use different types of keywords or phrases. Some of the keywords are called money phrases. In other words, the sale of these phrases containing certain words is higher, for example, “cheap widgets”, 10% discount, “where to buy widgets” and so on. Selecting the money phrase keyword or using the money phrase keyword is important because it increases sales. Not only for sale, websites that run AdSense should also use money phrase keywords. Because, when money phrase keywords drive visitors to your website and click on your AD, then, you can earn well from AdSense. In addition, The CPC is higher in money phrase keywords. The biggest problem is that a lot of money phrases are competitive and difficult to rank.

The top 5 categories of money phrase keywords are like this:

  1. Comparative word or phrase with competitor
  2. Discount phrase
  3. Product reviews and rating phrase
  4. Coupon code search
  5. Search for sale
  6. Apart from these, there is also a lot of money phrase which you can find from online research.

Importance of non-money phrase keywords

However, money phrases will help to increase your sales directly, but we can not use money-phrase all the time. Because there are much of the competition. In that case, we are to work with a non-money phrase. As we work with the non-money phase, it will make your website known to many, and increase the popularity of your websites. As an impact of this, there will be an increase in sales. In addition, ranking with non-money phrase keywords will help in ranking your money phrase keywords. You can use the non-money phrases as keywords in several ways. For example, you can use the non-money phrase as a keyword in the Long tail keyword to rank your website. It will play an important role in ranking your money phrase keyword.

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Moreover, we know that Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keyword is very important in content to rank a website. You have to use the non-money phrases in LSI keywords. We can relatively easily rank a website using a variety of synonym words which includes the non-money phrase.

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