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It has been a long time since the number of Pinterest members crossed beyond 150 million. So, this would not be an exaggeration to say that, if you have not walked into this fast-growing social network, many of you may have missed an opportunity.

Bloggers, small businessmen, consultants, or anyone can expand his/her own portfolio, brand, or business by sharing information on Pinterest. To increase followers on Pinterest, post with interesting photos is a must. Since Pinterest is a sort of visible content. Let us discuss 11 ways to increase Pinterest followers.

1. Promote your specific board on Pinterest

We often come across good images on Pinterest, but due to our busy schedules, we don’t want to spend time going through the uploaders’ whole profile. So, Pinterest users only follow boards in which they are interested, not the person who creates the board. That is why publicity on particular boards leads to the increase of followers very effectively.

2. Start a competition

Recently, people want to participate in various social media competitions. On that note, organizing competitions from Pinterest is very easy. For example, you can re-pin in order to win any user’s pin. You can also use the help of to arrange competitions and give away gifts to the competitors among your followers. is a website that ensures that your gift would be sent to the winners. Whatever the type of competition might be, through it you get to draw people’s attention toward your account. Consequently so, you will be able to increase your followers.

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3. Use proper keyword and descriptive title

In line with your brand, you have to determine keywords based on current competition and relevant content. When you search your keywords in the search box and show a few boards in the search result, then you need to modify your keywords to make them more appropriate, so that your search includes more boards in your next search. Choosing keywords highlighting long keywords and common themes, etc. is more effective.

4. Follow other pinners

One way to increase one’s followers is to follow other pinners. For example, if you follow 5-10 people daily, some of them will follow you back. Keep in mind, what kind of photo the pinner’s pin and follow pinners relevant to your brand.

5. Comment, re-pin, and tag

You draw users’ attention and increase followers by commenting on popular images. Write a simple comment in a popular section or image, such as “Great pin”, “Nice find” and so on. However, understand, and take a good look at the image before you comment. It will mean to the users that you have ideas and interests in their image content. You’re not just trying to attract their attention. The pinners will be curious about you, check your account, and would be interested to follow.

However, keep in mind that excessive comments may seem spammy on Pinterest. And your account may be believed to be suspicious. In addition to comments, you can re-pin your pins that fit with your brand. Especially when you try to promote a company, then tag other users with that pin. When re-pinning, tag others by writing @username in the description section. You can create a link-up with other companies or professionals to extend your reach. As a result, it will increase your reputation and your business will increase outreach.

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6. Holidays / Special Occasions

If you expect rapid growth in your account, you can create boards on forth-coming holidays or special days, such as dangerous Halloween decorations, Christmas or the 4th of July, Valentine’s chocolate, jewelry, etc., create a special post, and publish in these boards.

7. Add Pinterest follow button on your website

Pinterest’s “Follow” button is one of the most crucial ways to get followers on your website. This button gives you an opportunity to visit your account. This way, you could increase the number of your followers. It proves to be very effective for high-traffic websites. Install this button into the most important place of your blog; places such as the header, footer, and sidebar. This helps visitors or followers to easily access your brand account. You get to turn those visitors into your followers as well.

You can create this button either by using the Widget Builder Page on Pinterest or can create a custom-made button that suits your brand.

8. Link up with other social media accounts

If you could link up your Pinterest account to your other social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus then your friends, and family will eventually become your followers on Pinterest.

9. Post the original photo

80% of posts on Pinterest are created through re-pins. In other words, only 20% is original content. You can create boards by posting original content. It will make your board unique, and gain followers.

10. Complete your profile

We have talked so along about some of the possible methods to create followers on Pinterest. You need to pay attention to one important thing on Pinterest. Properly insert the correct information in the setting of your Pinterest account, for example, e-mail address, business type, contact name, business name, etc. Also, add an appropriate photograph as your profile picture and type in your website address accurately.

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Increasing Followers on Pinterest: 11 Absolutely Effective Ways Revealed

11. Help your to-be followers to find your pins through Search Engines

Open up your account to the search engines by sliding the “Search Privacy” button to “No”. You can find this setting in “Business Account Basics”. This is to let popular engines, like, Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. crawl your pins and get them indexed. When visitors search images in their popular browser with keywords matching your pin’s keyword, they will land on your board.

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