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Having a popular blog is a crucial medium for online marketing. It enables you to facilitate yourself with a wide range of income sources such as: Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing or CPA Marketing. You can even sell your own product through this. Writing a good number of contents and maintaining its standard are being required to make it possible. Sometimes, we are unable to find decent topics to write or we overlook what sort of contents contribute to increase our blog traffic. If a topic of a content seems unimportant then it will not help to draw any customers. Hence, topic should be selected based on the public demand.

1. Analyze Daily News

At first, look for the latest news that are relevant to what you are going to write. Often, same topics appear repeatedly if you use Google. But, if you look into recent newspapers, analyze recent whereabouts then you will find handy information.

Also, you need to keep track of what your rivals/superiors are writing and the sources they’re using. Then you will quickly find legit/solid topics to write contents for your blog.

2. Post Comments

One of the most popular sources to generate ideas is, comments which are woven into the posts. Posts on social media or a blog post that has been made viral; consists a huge number of comments in it. These are not just words; you can find potential business ideas, new ideas for writing contents. You can markup up to date trends, why they are being popularized, what sort of question are being raises and whatnot. Then you may write contents based on those affairs.

3. Visit Q&A Sites

Another significant source of generating contents is, Q&A sites. Frequently visit these sites including Quora and Yahoo Answers. Visiting these sites have two benefits. Firstly, you’ll find many questions and answers regarding the topics you have in mind. These would give you further knowledge. Secondly, you get to ask questions about stuffs you’re planning to add in your contents as well!

Not only the Q&A sites, visit popular and busy groups in Facebook and LinkedIn to get ideas on some content ideas.

4. Survey on Customers/Followers

Either to increase sales or visitors, both should be surveyed occasionally. By surveying these, you will be able to know some important information, such as, their queries, longings and their reviews on products/deals and whatnot. Then, you will easily find topics to write contents about what your visitors are looking for.

5. Activities of Competitors

We often face difficulties because of our rivals. But they are also beneficial to your business. Rivals ease your journey to find content topics. Firstly, make a list of a few of your rivals. Then, analyze what sort of contents they have already written. You’ll find good topics through this process. As Bruce Lee said, “Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless and add what is specifically your own.” Never try to copy.

6. Research for your Targeted Industrial History

Internet provides you with the easiest medium to research for your targeted industrial history. Yet if it feels inadequate, you can go to some libraries for further studies. Books on industrial whereabouts provide from the initial stuffs to every detailed information. Not only books, you will also find magazines, newspapers and journals in a library. If you want to prove that you are good at something then you must get to the root of it and extract its true essence. Only then, your visitors will evaluate your perception.

7. Publish Interviews Experts

You may experts’ interviews as blog content. If your target is healthcare then, you can create a content with a bunch of suggestions of a doctor.

You can even write content with the suggestions of an SEO expert. Write a series of posts on SEO experts if you like. Visitors will find your blog reliable if they see contents regarding experts’ opinions, experiences. Often, it doesn’t even cost a dime. Because they get to promote their brands as well. It’s a win-win situations for both parties.

8. Controversial Subjects

Negative subjects have an irresistible appeal. Write on the most discussed or the most viral subjects. This sort of contents significantly draw visitors’ attention.

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