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Facebook page is a highly functional medium for Facebook marketing. To increase the popularity of that page we try many ways to increase its Likes. A number of people may find it useful to increase Likes by adapting certain tool or rely on Like Exchange Websites, but they don’t do much. Because, those are fake.

Also, some marketers increase theirs Like by paying. Nonetheless, if you could increase your page’s popularity organically, that would be most profitable. Following article mentions how to increase  likes organically.

1. About Menu

Write proper information of your page in each sub-menu of About Menu. Most of the time, however, we do not think about About Menu, did not provide any information, which is why your page does not appear much in the Facebook Search page. The information of About section, such as, Category, Sub-category, User Name, Address, Long Description, Short Description, is basically responsible to make your page visible to the Facebook search engine.

2. Invite Friends

Please Invite your Facebook friends to Like your page. You can invite your friends in two ways. There is a section in your page named, Invite, to invite your Facebook friends to Like your page. Not inviting all friends, you can send invitation to some friends in a city. You can also send messages to your friends on Facebook personally inviting them to Like your page.

3. Run Contest and Giveaways or Discount Offer

Various offers in the form of Contest, or Free, or Discount, etc. draw new traffic to your page. Winning the award, or in order to get something for free in condition of sending invitation to contestant’s Facebook friends, would increase page Likes. Before you offer a contest which are identical to other pages, but, remember to offer something new, as offering same contest will bring your new “Like”, but not that much. There is always interest for something new.

4. Do not only promote service and product

Facebook is directly related to interest of people. People here are associated with a variety of interesting things to see or say. So, you should not always post about the product or service. Almost 80% of your post should be on an interesting subject. Whether it is related to your service or product, or anything else related.

5. Publish Quality or Viral content

Try to create content for Facebook, which has a Quality Or create some viral content, that is, create such content that people likes, “Like” and share it. These are the types of content that is shared by many and get Like. This content can be on various topics such as:

  • People ask something very often
  • “How To” content
  • Tutorial
  • Important resource content on Niche
  • Article on history, etc.

6. Relevant Groups

Share your best content on relevant pages, such as, if you are on Clothing Business, you can share it in a Buy and Sale Type group. It will promote your business and the “Like”s of your page will continue to grow.

7. Insights

Most of the Admins do not see Insights of their page. But, viewing the page Insights is important. With Insights, you can find the kind of your post your viewers like, which they don’t, daily increase or decrease in Likes, why they dislike, the city contribute the most Likes, target achievement, etc.

8. Ask Friends to Invite Their Friends

You can ask your friends personally to like your page and request them to send invitation to their friends to like it. Invitation to a friend from a friend, or sending a message is considered more seriously. Ask your friends to share your page on their walls request all of their friends to “Like” your page.

9. Best time

Post on your page when most of your fans are online giving your the best reach of your post. Liking or commenting on your post by your friends will make your post appear on the wall the friends of your friend and will get new Likes to your page.

10. Facebook Like Box

Add Facebook Like Box on the footer section and also on Contact page of your website. Anyone who comes to your website, browse your website, many of them may Like your Facebook page to stay better connected to your Facebook likes.

11. Reference your Facebook page on your blog

You can link your Facebook page or particular post from your Facebook page to your website’s blog article. It is of course relate to your article. From there, your page will be linked to your article, if they like the article, they can like your page.

12. Other Social Media

Connect your Facebook account to other social accounts. For example, if you have a channel on YouTube, add a link to your Facebook page in the description and channel art section on YouTube.

13. Facebook Advertisement

Are you surprised, why am I talking about advertising again when I discuss organic Like? Many organic Likes can be found through Facebook advertising. For example, if someone likes your page seeing ads on Facebook, Facebook charges for it, and Facebook does not charge for the Likes when a friend of friend Likes your page. You got the likes of two, but the other one will not be charged. So, we may say the other person’s Like an organic Like.

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