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A catchy headline or title can make your blog posts more popular. Majority of the visitors make their decision of whether they’re gonna read the article or not, just by glancing at the title.

That is why you have to gain their attention. Even that is not enough, you have to create a title that fulfills their expectation. A visitor should feel that he is getting what he needs from the article.

So, you must remember that your headline is a brief account of the entire article. Headlines are variable. It depends on the type of content you are willing to write.

1. Headline for List Content

At first I would like to mention how to write headlines for list contents. Often some contents need to described consecutively. This is how you should deal with those:

~ Top 10 Ways to………………।

For example: Top 10 Ways to Increase Your Brand Value.

~ 10 lessons that/which…………………, I have learned.

For example: 10 lessons that I have learnt in my programming career.

~ 10 tools that/which………………… everybody needs.

For example: 10 IDE to increase your programming productivity.

~ 10 reasons why …………

For example: 10 reasons why some bloggers failed in blogging.

2. Tutorial Based Contents

One of the most important targets in blogging is Tutorial. Different types of tutorials are being made to serve different purposes. The most common format of tutorial is: “How to ….” Where solution to various problems are discussed.

You may follow this method to write posts for tutorials.

~ How to plan for a marketing strategy:

~ How to run a business without any capital:

~ How to promote your product in a website properly

~ 10 ways of SEO Marketing

3. Review Content

Another strong contender of this list; a review content would only draw its visitor near when it has a strong headline. Reviews are usually written to sell products. That is why, a product’s selling rate and its review title are tied firmly in a knot.

~ (Product) Review: (Gains/Advantages)

For example: iPhone 7 Review: No possibility of pixelated Image.

~ Gain/Advantages: (Review of product/ services)

For example: Review: Samsung Mobile with 32GB internal memory.

~ A v/s B: which is better?

For example: iPhone v/s Samsung: Which is better?

~ Why should we use (product name)?

For example: Why should/shouldn’t we use Samsung Galaxy 7?

4. Secret Post

This is considered as a crucial blog posting method. It is designed to get the attention of the regular followers or visitor and increase the number of new visitors. We all are curious to know secret stuffs. Whenever a headline pops up regarding a confidential subject, we feel that we’re missing something precious and click the link rightaway. For this reason, the heading is the most important factor. You may follow:

~ Forget A! Try B and experience the difference.

For example: Forget SEO. Try Video Marketing instead.

~Secret of…..

For example: Secret method of video marketing.

~ Things you don’t know about……

i.e. Key facts of Digital Marketing that you’re unaware of.

5. Negative Post

Generally, most bloggers are either neutral or positive. That means, they write positive contents only. But if you choose to do the opposite, it’ll raise the number of visitors of website faster. Because it draws public attention. You may follow:


For example: Be cautious: Possibility of lethal explosion while using Samsung 7.

~ Why are you Wrong about…… and what you should do:

For example: Why are you causing harm to your children? Keep them away from cell phones.

~…… shouldn’t be done.

For example: Things that shouldn’t be done while working in SEO.


For example: Avoid the following SEO mistakes:

Apart from the above mentioned types of posts, we often the latest or the most important info of a subject. Usually, the best possible options are being mentioned here. The title of this kind of content should be:

~ 10 ways to/tips of/methods of….

For example: 100 methods of drawing visitors to you website.

~ complete manual for…..

For example: Complete manual for SEO Marketing.

~ We asked the following questions….

For example: We asked 20 Freelancers, “What is the simplest method of earning from online?”

~…………: Resource.

For example: SEO resource.

There is a wide array of choices, power words that attract visitor’s’ attention. The more you research about your titles, the more productive you’ll become.

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