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One of the most important aspects of a successful email campaign is the subject line part of the email. Without a good subject line, you cannot attract prospective clients and potential business partners. So, it is quite important to know how to get the best wording on your email subjects to bring out the true essence and spirit of the message you’re trying to convey.

In this article, we will show you how to word the best email subject lines for your business marketing campaigns. These email subject lines are sure to attract your clients to open your emails and have a look at them. We have listed several tips to get you started on writing the perfect email subject lines.

Use of Subject Lines in an Email

This is the part of the email that is first seen by the receiver when they check their emails. The subject line determines whether the email is interesting enough to be opened or not. In case your email subject lines are not catchy enough, then it is possible for the receiver to directly send it to the trash.

The email subject line comes up as the first indicator of the content that an email holds. It is generally shown in bold text for the most popular email services like Gmail and others. Optimizing the subject lines on an email is thus quite important, and we have listed some other basic things to know about this topic in order to create the perfect email subject lines.

Basics about Email Preheaders

Email preheaders are another essential part of an email that determines the interest factor for prospective clients. This is the part of the text that comes after the subject line and shows a brief preview of the actual content of the email. The preheader part of the email is important as it shows the receiver what to expect after opening the email, and whether it warrants using their time to check it out.

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Subject lines and email preheaders mostly decide whether an email campaign is successful or not. Only when you can perfect the art of generating intrigue using these two factors, an email campaign can be considered to be successful or not.

It is important to not perceive the subject line and preheader as the same thing. Creating a balance between the heading and the content is necessary. Try not to convey the same information on both parts of the email, as this makes it redundant and less likely to be opened.

Importance of Having a Catchy Subject Line

You may have already had a glimpse of the importance that both subject lines and preheaders hold in an email. Amongst the hundreds of emails that a user receives on a daily basis, only some are worth being opened. In case the subject line is not catchy enough, then it is possible for the email to be sent directly to the spam folder or even deleted.

A catchy title is proven to increase the number of visitors to a website. So email subject line creates the first impression on the reader and makes them more likely to purchase or subscribe to the content that you’re advertising. It doesn’t matter whether your email content is catchy or not when it is not opened at all. So, it is indeed important to have an interest-generating email subject line and preheader to appeal to prospective subscribers or users.

Best Tips to Create the Perfect Subject Lines

By now, you should have a clear idea of why email subject lines are important and how to use them in order to generate traffic to your campaign. Let’s take a look at some of the most important tips to follow for wording your email subject lines correctly.

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Keep it Short

One of the most important factors to keep the reader interested in the message that you’ve sent is to keep the email subject lines short. This is one of the rules that you should follow while deciding on your subject lines. Make sure that they are about 40 characters in length and should have a maximum length of 7-8 words.

Don’t Include Spam Words in Your Headings

As you may already know, including obviously spam words can affect reader engagement for your emails. Promotional language can make the reader avoid these emails and automatically send them to the spam folder. Usage of these kinds of headings can make the difference between either a successful or an unsuccessful email campaign.

There are many instances where subject lines have been marked as spam. This implies that you should avoid using all capital letters, or promotional words such as “Buy Now” or “Free” or a large number of exclamation points. One of the many ways to avoid turning your subject line to be marked as spam is to offer your company’s expertise and services instead of using excessive promotional language.

You can use tools such as Constantcontact that offer services that generate spam-free subject lines. You can learn a detailed review of the pros and cons of this service on this site. Constant Contact is a company that offers services such as generating spam-free subject lines for email marketing. It is a powerful tool that can be used to enhance your company’s digital marketing majorly. It enables several small business owners to ramp up their email marketing domain.

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Set a Deadline for The Offer You’re Promoting

Including a deadline in the subject, heading can help to create interest in the audience. Once the user base sees a headline, it leads to a rush, thus promoting the offer in a lower span of time. Remind your audience that they can only avail of a specific offer for a strict time span only.

Include a Clear Command on Your Subject Headings

In case you have worked in email marketing before, perhaps you may already know the importance of the call to action in your headings. Encouraging the audience to take direct action often leads to better sales and an overall successful email campaign.

Add Humour to Your Subjects

Adding humor to your content or subject can always add that extra touch needed to your email campaigns. When you set the tone of the subject heading to a humorous one, it is easy to keep the audience engaged and make them click on the email automatically.


Now that you’ve read about the best tips to keep your readers engaged in your email campaigns, it should be easy for you to create catchy and interesting ones to reach your audience. If you’ve ever received any emails from big companies, you may have already had a glimpse of perfect email subject line wording to impress the readers. We hope that the information you have gathered from this article can help you to create a perfect email campaign.

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