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Facebook is an integral part of our daily life nowadays. We use Facebook every day for many reasons. Not only for mere communication, but we also use Facebook for business advertisement and even in popularizing personal reputation.

How to create an effective Facebook post that really works

We post in our Facebook feed every day for regular use or Facebook marketing. Every post is very important for Facebook marketing. You won’t be benefited from your post if you post casually on Facebook. Rather it will kill your time and make a dent in your reputation.

Posts must be such that, readers become interested to know more about you or your products. Let us discuss some of the things you must remember while writing a good and professional quality post for Facebook.

1. Shorten your post

We often write a short post, often long for Facebook. Between these two, short posts are effective. Informative and short posts which will come in handy for the followers will bring much engagement for you or your page.

If the post is too large, many viewers lose interest in looking at the amount of text to read and do not read or finish reading the rest of the post. Again, it’s not up to mark being a post too shot. We must remember a few things while writing a post, such as:

  • Do not make it irrelevant or out of context,
  • While giving an example for illustration, make it from your experience,
  • Break a long post into several paragraphs for the sake of readability.

2. Use professional quality photo or graphic illustration

Another trick you should apply for dramatic engagement on Facebook is to use photos in your post. When a professional-quality photo is used in a post, it highlights the post and can be seen by the followers very fast and get lean in the “reach”.

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Seeing the photo increases the interest in reading and willingness to learn about your service or product. So, the usage of a good photo increases the “reach” among the followers.

3. Use video post

At the present time, video is one of the most valuable tools of online marketing. Video is very effective in the Facebook post. You can catch up very nicely using a video of your product or service or your personal information, which can’t be achieved by other means.

When you post a video to Facebook post with some text, it will also help a lot to increase your sales.

How to create an effective Facebook post that really works - video post

4. Respond to the customer’s query

Each Facebook post is intended to attract followers, and give new information to them, so that followers become customers. Sometimes questions arise in followers’ minds and they query about your product.

They comment to get answers to their queries or to know more about your product. You have to respond to their queries to increase the effectiveness of your posts.

Furthermore, you have to respond at right time. If you wait a long time to respond to your followers, it may raise negative sense to you and your business. So, it is good to respond to followers in time.

5. Write a special post for special days

Special festival days, like, Eid, Pohela Boishakh, Easter Sunday, X-mas day, etc. reiterates every year. These special days contribute to the growth of Engagement. So a good picture of what the day will highlight the special day, you can post it.

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In these days, if you remember your followers, and greeted them using the comments section, they will greet you too. This helps in creating relationships and new customers.

6. Share your website link with your post

When you post the link of your website on Facebook (in which Open Graph codes are set up correctly), then Facebook will get an image automatically. A Facebook post with an attractive image helps lure your viewers to click on it.

How to create an effective Facebook post that really works - share website link

7. Anticipate your customer or follower’s demand

When you realize what your Customer/Consumer wants from your page; post only those sorts of content in which they are interested in.

You need to remember their queries in your posts and then approach them accordingly. This would lift up the Engagement in your posts.

For instance, if you sell a product/service and a customer is complaining about some broken features or whatnot, try writing a post about (how to overcome it and/or its solution).

Every single post on Facebook carries some importance to trading groups or individuals. Therefore, you need to include the above facts before you upload your next Facebook Post!

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