8 Tips You Need To Be A Successful Video Marketer

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Whether it is YouTube earning or promoting your business; Video Marketing is vital in both the occasions. But while doing so, some intentional and unintentional mistakes may ruin your whole effort. But if we properly organize your plans then the end result will surely be successful.

1. Making an organized video

The main reason of failure in video marketing is – making an ordinary video without proper planning. This includes not thoroughly observing the market demand and the impact of their video upon the market. Especially, most video marketers of our country concentrated themselves into going after easy money from YouTube. Consequently, their efforts do not match upto their expectation in the long run.

In making such as a useful video that will help you stand out, you should keep these point in mind:

  • What information the video provides
  • The quality of the video must be upto the mark
  • Give priority to the things that will attract your viewers in your video

2. Branding

People may say, “Hey, that video is so in right now!” But if they could not remember who made it, then let’s just agree that it is a failure of  you video marketing. Simply put, whatever you make, you need to concentrate in its proper branding so that viewers can remember your brand for a long time. Only then your followers will become your customer. For instance, Samsung recently launched a video, I have watched it myself couple of times and forwarded the link to some of kinsmen. At the end of the day, it indirectly contributed to branding Samsung. See! Even you are getting to know about it as I speak. Now, you may also go to YouTube and look for it too! This is what an ideal branding strategy is all about.

3. Video Length

The length/duration of a video to introduce/launch a product for branding, should be short. It enables the customer to get a good perception of your product. Contrarily, if you make a lengthy video then customer may get annoyed by/tired of it. Then they may try to click portions of it in a hurry. Consequently, you may lose your original goal like this. So if your soul purpose is branding/marketing, then your video must be short in length.

4.Attaching/Adding ‘Call to Action’

Not attaching any kind of ‘Call to Action’ is another reason of failure in video marketing. Since you are not leaving any trails for the viewers of what to do next, you are losing their sight in the halfway.

Suppose, you have made a new video for your upcoming service. It is made in a way that this video depicts how your service will fulfill people’s demand. At the end of the video, it will divulge the fact, which brand is offering this service or how to get this service. Actually, I was talking about the promotional video of Samsung. Watch the video in YouTube.

5. Patience Prevails

Often we all lack one key characteristic, which is: patience. It is a must required feature of a marketer. A number of freelancers out there hope for instant success with just a handful of videos and lose their nerves pretty soon. They leave this sector quickly, thinking that it won’t be so successful and not to be involved such venture in the future.

Imagine you have made a commercial expecting it will be viral but your expectation may fall short. Maybe it has already worked as a launchpad for you brand and the succeeding ones would reach a much larger audience, not only representing your brand but also increasing your sales.

Likewise, several companies make an effort to video marketing with high expectations and shuts it after a while; wasting valuable time and money. You need to be patient. You never know when your video starts to raise the heat.

6. One Theme Only

You need to have only one theme in your video. Call it target marketing if you may. Videos in which a solution to a problem is given or a product has been reviewed or a service has been introduced tends to achieve a higher success rate.

7. Priority

Video marketing is one of the easiest mediums of selling a product or a service. Unfortunately, a lot of marketers do not prioritize consumer’s demands and eagerness while making video. Instead, they give importance to praising their products or service and ultimately fail. You basic goal should be: observing consumer’s demand and make a video that convinces them that your product will fulfill their demand.

8. Post-upload Analysis

Some marketers are quite lethargic. They create quality videos and optimize those but totally forget to observe who their audience is, from which country they are watching or how long is it being viewed. This means not giving proper importance to analytics/analysis. Thus, they fail to measure the video’s impact and decide what there next step should be. It eventually leads to video marketing failure.

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