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Are you interested in knowing some vital tips for Pinterest marketing? In this article, we’d discuss some tips that give you a clear conception of how to increase Pinterest account traffic, how to build a firm relationship with your audience, and how to raise sales profits.

1. A Pin combined numbers of products

Creating a Pin with different types of products increases the possibility of getting more engagement. Moreover, this has two advantages:

  • firstly, users would be able to realize the sort of products you have in store.
  • Secondly, you can get much bigger attention with the help of this method.

In short, users do not usually go through the whole list of products but you would manage to show your featured products at first sight.

2. Image Size

Recently, Pinterest is fully packed with diverse, colorful, and high quality images. On that note, your images must meet that standard. The size and resolution should be crosschecked. A vertical pin is highly recommended.

3. Image with Description

Posting an image with a description raises its importance. Though Pinterest is made with visible content, it is essential to include a descriptive caption. Some followers scroll down the news feed pretty fast. When it comes to having their attention, adding a description proves to be very effective. By this, the users learn about the whereabouts of the image and the price of the product as well. Make sure to keep it short and readable. While doing so, bold text and color contrast must be kept in mind. Another key aspect is, the description contains your keyword and that keyword would show your page on the search page. A description of 150 to 300 is the most suitable and effective for Pinterest.

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4. Link

Adding a link to pin a is an easy but effective way of Pinterest marketing. By clicking this pin, the users would be able to visit your website. Though It is utterly simple, it will surely increase the number of visitors.

5. Call to Action

Like other social media platforms, Call-to-Action plays a vital role in Pinterest. This inspires users to choose alternative measures. “Repin”, “Learn more”, and “Buy now” could be included in this option.

6. Price

Price tag hooks up visitors’ immediate attention. When you promote and sell any project/product, do spare a moment to include the price in your description. Indeed, it is the value of a product that influences the customer to possess it!

7. Observe analysis data of Pinterest

The analysis is a very important part of Pinterest. You can not generally understand some of the issues without proper analysis, for example, who is your audience, who sees your content and the content is working and what is not working well, and so on. These data can be used to improve Pinterest accounts.

8. Use Keywords at all times

Similar to Google, Keyword in Pinterest has high priority. It is impossible to execute a searching operation without it. Users may use Pin, Board, and Pinner to search for their expected product/page. Use at least one keyword per description. Also, mention keywords in your Pins, Boards, and Profile.

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