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If you are administrating any Facebook page for the past few years, you must have noticed that your posts’ reach has become low in due course. This decrease is effective from 2014. It occurs mainly for 2 reasons:

Firstly, thousands of posts are floating on Facebook. Making it through to your fans’ newsfeeds among so much content is quite a competition.

Secondly, Facebook only shows content that is relevant to its users.

Few measures should be taken to meet up with this pattern of Facebook and increase post visibility. As for:

While posting your content on Facebook, pay attention to relevancy or pay to make sure that your post gets the expected popularity.

1. How and how Facebook’s organic reach decreases after a while?

Facebook decides how much reach the posts of your page would get. According to a statistics report, from February 2013 to 2015, the organic reach of Facebook pages decreases by an average of 15% to 5.5%.

Supposedly, If you have 10,000 fans on your page, your posted content will approximately be reached to 550 fans. Only a handful of posts reach fans; Like, Comments and Shares are also getting low.

2. Visibility Access by Spending Money

Besides the organic way, paid marketing system is adopted as an alternative way to get extra reach nowadays. Thus, Facebook page administrators also realized that they must use the help of paid advertisements to reach the maximum number of fans.

3. How Does Facebook Page Algorithm work?

In 2006, when Facebook launched its Newsfeed, it worked in an ordinary fashion. Different point values are being fixed for different posts. For example, a post containing ‘text only’ had a certain value.

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Again, a post containing a link and text had two different point values. People’s interaction can be increased by using this technique. As a result, post-reach gets increased.

As time passes, Newsfeed is working on demand, i.e. the process of creating Engagement through a discussion by two individuals is called Edge Rank. Since 2011 the Algorithm framework has become even more sophisticated.

Thus, the Edge Rank process has become less important. The complicated Algorithm is responsible for the loss of your posts from your fans’ news feeds.

In addition, the new Algorithm only prioritizes User Preferences. For example, if you aren’t giving importance to the posts or photo contents of your Newsfeed that means you are not making Engagements.

The Algorithm governs this and shows lesser photos or posts. Eventually so, if people who liked your page don’t make Engagement with your posts then they won’t see your posts in the future.

How to Face it

The previous discussion only tells about the problem. The solution is as follows:

1. A marketer should never post anything without purpose. Posting content is not the only concern, getting maximum reach from customers’ interaction must be remembered. A brand page should target a specific audience in every post to establish an Interaction with that particular Audience. This leads that post to be shown to a Related Audience or other Interested Parties.

2. Remind your fans that, they can easily see the contents of your page by clicking the pages they’ve liked list on the left of their News feed.

3. Inform your regular fans that they can be notified of the whereabouts of your page by updating their Notification settings.

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4. Motivate your fans to like, comment, and share your post to make Engagement so that your page remains visible on their Newsfeeds. You can also use a line such as “Please like and share“.

5. Invest sufficient time in your Brand Asset. You need to invest both time and importance in your page content and blog writing. Therefore, you increase the Traffic by getting customers’ attention. Time, budget, and importance need to be invested to increase the Organic Reach and Additional Reach.

6. Consider Facebook as a paid advertisement platform. If you want to spend money on increasing your reach then determine your market and audience. While doing so concentrate on your advertisement content, blog, and E-book and then post it.

7. Before planning for paid advertisement, you need to choose your targeted city, gender, age, and audience interests.

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