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Both Wix and WordPress platforms are popular among bloggers for building sites and hosting them. WordPress is a very well-reputed CMS for blogging and Wix is a youngster with good features. However, it is sometimes confusing which one is the best for blogging in 2022.

This article will give you a complete guide to the differences between the Wix and WordPress platforms for blogging.

You can get a bird’s eye view of the differences between Wix and WordPress by seeing the following comparison table:

1. Scope of FunctionalityLimitedHuge
2. Number of App/ Plugins500+59,000+
3. Ease of UseEasierEasy
4. Artificial Design InterfaceAvailableUnavailable
5. PerformanceGoodBetter
6. SEO FunctionalityGoodBetter
7. Blog Comment SectionSlowBetter
8. Backdating posts & creating a private postNo FacilityHave Facility
9. Blog Writing InterfacePlain Text EditorBetter Functionality
10. Automatic 301 redirect facility while Import ContentNo FacilityHave Facility
11. CostingPremiumFree

Let’s dive deeper.

1. Scope of Functionality of WordPress and Wix for Blogging

You can access thousands of themes for making your blog on both Wix and WordPress platforms. But the scope of Wix is very limited.

Wix is a premium website builder not a content management service. You can build a website with Wix without having any coding or technical knowledge. You just have to drag and drop different segments and data to customize your website by paying a fee.

Wix is easy to handle and it is better for beginner sites with simple functionality. However, you can get a professional-looking blog very simply with Wix.

On the other hand, WordPress is a giant open-source platform. Anyone can get the source code of WordPress and can modify, customize and develop the features of the software.

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So, the key point is the scope of Wix is very limited and on the contrary, the scope of WordPress is very widespread.

2. Number of App/Plugins

WordPress is a complete set of content management services. There are more than 59,000 plugins available for WordPress.

So you will have so many alternatives for different blogging requirements. You can add free website builder, SEO, Slider, Caching and so many plugins to it without any costs.

However, Wix also has a collection of 500+ apps.

3. Which one is easier to use?

Wix is easy to handle and no complex functionality is there, however, the scope is also limited.
There are many advanced things to do with WordPress and they need substantial technical knowledge.

Wix will be the best for you if you need a good-looking site with simple functionality.

4. Artificial Design Intelligence

  • Wix has an AI-based function. You can create a custom website with the Wix ADI. After getting started Wix will ask you some short questions like:
  • What are your website goals?
  • What tools do you like on your site?
  • Personalized information like specific text, images, and logos to include.
  • What are your website’s name and social media accounts?
  • What are your design preferences, color, and font theme?

Based on the answers to these questions WIX ADI will create a custom blog site for you. However, WordPress has no such function to build a blog website.

5. Switching the Template or Themes of the Blog

Changing or switching templates of a blog website allows for redesigning existing website content with a fresh look.

Wix does not have this option. That means, after designing the site, you have no option to switch your site to a new theme. You can change or modify the design at any time.

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WordPress is very flexible in that aspect. You can switch one theme to another without losing any content. But, your design can break when switching to a new theme or template if they are not from a similar builder.

If you have a simple and minimalist template and don’t have any features beyond a basic design, you will lose very little.

6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Blog

You may have heard the name of the SEO tool ‘Ahref’. No question that it is one of the best SEO tools in the current world.

The Ahref team has studied 6.4 million domains and has concluded that WordPress is best for SEO if you have a long-term SEO strategy. The reason behind that conclusion is that WordPress has extra features for SEO than Wix.

Go through the following table:

Which platform requires basic and minimal SEO knowledge?Wix
Which Content Management System (CMS) has more On-Page SEO options?WordPress
Which Content Management System (CMS) is better for Technical-SEO?WordPress
Which Content Management System is better for SEO of Multilingual blogs?WordPress
Which blogs are getting more search traffic?WordPress

Let’s discuss the matters for better understanding.

Wix has limited the customization of some advanced or technical options, i.e.- the customization of blog URL structure. The reason behind that limitation is that Wix wanted the users to avoid difficulties. However, it is annoying for SEO masters. However, to deal with the SEO-related advanced functions of WordPress you must have technical knowledge.

7. Comment Section of Blog Posts

The management of the commenting section in WordPress is easier and faster than that of Wix. WordPress has a default comment section with different functionality.

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In Wix, you have to take the help of apps or extensions for the comment section. However, commenting on Wix blogs works comparatively slower than that on WordPress.

8. Backdating posts & creating private posts

There are so many pros and cons of backdating blog posts. Whatever the matter, you may have to backdate a blog post. WordPress has the default feature of backdating posts and creating private posts. Wix does not have this feature.

9. Blog Writing Interface

The writing interface for blog posts uses a plain text editor. That editor is very limited in terms of formatting options. However, WordPress has a better interface for writing blog posts.

10. Automatic 301 redirect facility while Import Content

Importing content is necessary when you want to import content from other sites to a new destination without hampering the SEO of the blog post. But this feature will only work in ‘Wix to Wix’ or ‘WordPress to WordPress’ import.

For example, you have multiple blog websites. Some blog posts are on the top rank of the search engine result page. Now you want to import these blog posts to a new website. To do so, you have to use the import option.

You can import content on both platforms. But in WordPress, you can get the feature of Automatic redirect 301 while importing content.

11. Whether Wix or WordPress is Comparatively Cheap?

Wix is a premium platform. If you have your custom domain name and you want to build a free website for that domain, then Wix is not for you. To add your domain name to any Wix website you must pay.

On the other hand, WordPress is an open-source platform. You can freely use WordPress. That means you can freely use WordPress for any custom domain name.

However, both Wix and WordPress are selling domain and hosting. Here, WordPress domain and hosting are not free. This comparison will be in a separate section.

Final Thoughts

WordPress is older in the field and Wix is comparatively a newcomer in the field. It will be better for you to choose WordPress for your blog site.

You can use WordPress without any cost, but you have to pay for Wix. Besides, you will get a better appearance, loading speed, and SEO functionality in WordPress.

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