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Upwork. One of the largest freelancing marketplaces on the earth. Many of us may know it already. Upwork was known as oDesk in the near past. oDesk merged with eLance in 2013 and take off the name “Upwork”.

If you’re a freelancer and want to work in Upwork, then your success will depend on how many people are there in your client list or how much work you’re getting from them. And you need to create a profile to get hired by the buyers.

I am sharing with your some tips to try, with which you can create a nice profile.

Write your main services in your profile that you have the skill

There is a sense among us that the more work you may be able to present to a buyer, the more chance of getting work from the buyer. It’s a wrong idea. So, write the name of the skills that you are proficient in your profile. But there is a difference between knowing “good” and “very good”.

Link your profile with social media websites

When you create your profile, after writing about your main services and skills, link your profile with your social media websites, like, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Behance, and Google+ account. Because now the buyer may want to see your details from your profile pages.

Upload your photograph

Your photo is your identity. Your profile photo creates credibility for your profile. Stop uploading different images at different times, rather upload a professional-looking (passport size is a good starting point) photograph of yours.

The buyer will know that you are serious about your work and you will increase your chances of getting yourself hired.

Please note that your profile image should pose as professional looking and friendly as well.

Also please pay heed to the background of your photograph, so that the background does not distract your buyer’s attention.

Write an impressive title of your skills

Though it sounds simple, the title of your profile is a very important thing in your profile. The title must be small, simple, and of course something realistic.

For example, some write like, “web developer, graphic design, image retouching, background remove” and something bigger than this. But, it’s not the proper way to write your title, it is best fit in the description of what you do. Here you can give titles, like, “Joomla! Programming”, “PHP Programming”, “Professional Photo Editor” or “Expert Content Writer”.

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Note that there are thousands of competitors in the Upwork marketplace who have been competing with one another.

So, write your title carefully. There is no need to write a lot in your title, only write something that is closely related to what you are skilled at.

Provide an Explicit Overview of Yourself

Give your buyer a detailed impression of yourself on the overview. Remember, it cannot be done just by copy-pasting someone’s account! In fact, it is about the traits that make you exceptional.

Simply put the crucial stuff at the top so that your buyer doesn’t have to go through the whole text. It’s always about the first impression! Describe your skills, work experience, familiar language, and so forth in a justifiable manner.

Also remember, that it’s not a haphazard string of sentences. This is a platform to show that you are confident, cash in it but do not knock yourself out!

Upload your introductory video

Here, it has been said before, you will have to compete with thousands of freelancers. So, you should not exclude any single chance. If you do not include a video in your profile, but others make it, then you fell behind. Video introduction to the buyer creates credibility.

Buyers may try to understand many things by watching your video. Remember, do not upload more than a one-minute video, because a big video can be boring for the buyer. Give your identity in the first 5-10 seconds of your video, your job objective will be from 10-20 seconds, in the next 10-20 seconds tell about the work you already completed, and draw a conclusion in the last 5-10 seconds.

Ensure that you have a good-quality video, and it has good sound quality. If you can not make a good video, the end result might be reversed. So, take your time. You can hire someone who knows English well to write what you want to say.

If you are good at English, rehearse well before making your profile video. A good quality video will bring value to your profile and help you get your first job.

Take and Show Your Skill Tests

Some clients won’t even look at your profile if you do not take Upwork’s “Skill Tests” and test results are shown on it. So take some tests which match your skill set! Beyond that – take any other test that will help show just how good you are at something.

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How is a client going to know that you’re the best website designer if the only test you took was an English skills test and a telephone etiquette test?

Go to the Upwork tests and search for tests that are relevant to your field and take them. Then make sure you show your test results. Upwork allows you to take a test 3 times in which you did not do well, the result will be automatically hidden in your profile and shown once you do well in a test.

Specify Your Language Skills

Working at Upwork means, you have to communicate with your buyers directly in English. Hence, your language skill will be put to test. Being good at other languages has hardly anything to do here. You select “Native or Bilingual” which means, you are very good at this language.

It may appear flashy at first, and it may attract a few buyers but when they’ll talk to you, they’ll eventually feel you are untrustworthy. So, you have to be honest.

It’s not that if you can’t do your best you won’t get any jobs. Simply, state (the way) you want to communicate to your buyer; speaking or writing.

Set Your Experience Level

Upwork has 3 types of ‘Experience Level’.

Entry Level

This is for beginners who have just started their career after learning some pieces of stuff and want to work at Upwork.

Intermediate Level

This is for the comparatively experienced ones. If you have gained a few years of experience in a specific type of job and want to continue it in Upwork, you should choose this one.

Expert Level

Goes without saying, it is for the ones who feel they can do their job very well. If you think, a job suits your type and you can finish it no matter how hard it is, choose it.

Your buyer gets an idea about your capability by looking at your Experience Level. You might get in trouble if you exaggerate. So, choose wisely.

Show Your Certificate

If you have obtained any certificate from any third party then show it. However, it has to be on your subject. It is like a skill test that lets your buyer determine your skill set.

Provide Your Job Details

If you are working somewhere then describe it in detail. Even here, the type of your job has to be similar to your Upwork job. For instance, if you are working as a good developer in an organization and you also develop sites for the buyers at Upwork then, provide your job details. This will ensure your buyers that you are indeed an efficient worker.

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Include your educational qualification

This will make your profile even more convenient. Concisely write down your recently acquired degree, the name of the institution, and the subject you studied.

Arrange your portfolio

Even if it comes later, nonetheless it is very significant. Your portfolio exhibits your achievements. Your buyers could get a glimpse of your previous projects and your working process.

Basically, put your best work at the top. Projects that you feel uneasy dealing with or failed to commit before should be excluded. You have to update your portfolio regularly.

You don’t want to give an impression to your buyers that you are not doing anything new! So, update your profile on every project you finish.

Moreover, a portfolio is like a story. It tells the tale of your gradual development, and how you are getting better day by day. The project I’ve mentioned could be a project of some sort.

It could be local, international, or any other marketplace projects. If you are starting with Upwork, try some projects on your own and then submit those.

Finally, mention the rate you charge per hour

How much should I charge for a project?’ This is the toughest thing to decide. Imagine, you are good at a particular project which you don’t want to work on for free, yet you don’t want too much from it.

In addition, it depends on the duration and the length of the job. The best thing to do in this type of situation is to look at how much other freelancers are asking for.

So, these were tips to remember to become an efficient Upworker. Hopefully, these will come in handy for you.

To keep yourself up-to-date with what’s happening on Upwork, always keep an eye on the Upwork Community page and update your profile and skill set as required. There are many helpful articles on ways to be successful on Upwork professional platform.

Disclaimer: The banner photo has been taken from the Upwork Community page.

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