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The .VCF file extension is a file format for storing contact information for a person or business. It is a universal standard for storing contacts, such as names, e-mails, social networks, addresses, or phone numbers. In this tutorial, we will see today, how to combine .VCF files into one .VCF file. Later, we’ll import this integrated .VCF file into Google Contacts.

The .VCF files are frequently used for importing and exporting contacts from address books, such as Google Contacts or Outlook Express. They can also be sent as e-mail attachments which assist the recipient with an easy way to import the attachments into the address book.

Suppose, if you have hundreds of email contacts saved as separate .VCF file for each email contact. A .VCF file takes the look like the lines below:

N:John Doe;;;;

Now I want to bulk import them into my Google Contacts, but I can’t select multiple .VCF file or all the .VCF at a time. That means I can’t multi-select from the file open dialog box.

Now think, if I could combine all .VCF files into a .VCF file, where all the .VCF files are sorted one by one, then I could import this integrated .VCF file into Google Contacts with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Steps to Bulk Import (combine) vCards into One Contact List (Single .VCF file)

Step 1. First Copy all your .VCF files into one folder/directory (say, “E:\GmailContacts“) using File Manager.

Step 2. Open Windows Run (Windows Key + R), and then type “cmd” to open the Command prompt.

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Windows open command

Navigate to the destination folder where all your contact files are stored.

First command prompt
C:\Users\manzur>e: (Press Enter key)
E:\>cd GmailContacts (Press Enter key)

Step 3. Enter the following DOS command:

copy *.vcf all.vcf
Copy command

Step 4. Now you will get all your .VCF files merged into single .VCF file, named, “all.vcf“.

All .vcf complete merge

Just import the newly created single .VCF file whenever required in Gmail Contacts.

You can import these email contacts into any system that supports .VCF file format.

Online VCF Files Combiner Tool

Many of us may not be comfortable working by typing the manual commands shows above. For convenience of all visitors, we’ve built an automated online tool.

With this tool, you can have all your VCF files with you, drag and drop them on a form, combine them into a single VCF file list and download them instantly to your PC or laptop.

I have published a video on YouTube summarizing this whole thing. Below I am embedding the video for the convenience of the readers.

2 ways to combine multiple VCF files to single VCF file

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