Updated: 22 October 2017, 16:17:29.
How to Secure Your Computers Using Anti-Virus in 2017

Nowadays people are not only careful of protecting their computer or smartphone data; but also careful of Internet safety. That is why, people prefer to use internet security for protecting their internet data; beside using regular anti-virus software for computer safety. Again, those who want a tad more, concerned a bit more of their safety, prefer complete safeguarding software or technical system. The features of this type software are: total safety of computer and internet with some additional benefits.

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How your mobile pin number could be stolen using thermal cameras

Frauds adopt multiple ways such as scamming or phishing to steal/ possess cell phone's PIN number. Researchers have recently discovered a new way to do so.

They've warned us by setting forth that, after typing the password or pin number on the  Smartphone's screen a temperature impression/stamp is being left and the hidden pattern can be traced by trailing it. Stealing this code is not so hard. All it requires is a thermal-imaging camera. It captures the  exact sections of the Smartphone screen which have been pressed.  The pin number can be stolen not only during when its typed but also within the 30 seconds window. The Atlantic; a news agency of the United States have notified this in a report.

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According to a recently published report in 2016, 63% accounts have been “hacked” only because of the lack of password protection.  The first criteria of protecting any ID or Online information is to ensure the use of a strong and secured password. Here’s what you can do:

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