Updated: 22 October 2017, 16:17:29.
Practical guide to earn from different Outsourcing Marketplaces

Outsourcing in recent days, is a popular profession in Bangladesh. Since, it enables working at home facility and a decent income, the young generation of our country, is leaning into this. Outsourcing could be done in many ways in different marketplaces. If you want to take Freelancing as a profession, then you must have a clear conception of well established Marketplaces. How to apply to those? What sort of work has more demand? How do they pay? Knowing the answer would make it easier for you to get appropriate jobs.

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Upwork professionals

Upwork. One of the largest freelancing marketplace on the earth. Many of us may know it already. Upwork was known as oDesk in the near past. oDesk merged with eLance in 2013 and take of the name “Upwork”. If you're a freelancer, and want to work in Upwork, then your success will depend on how many people are there in your client list or how much work you're getting from them. And you need to create a profile to get hired by the buyers. I am shareing with your some tips to try, with which you can create a nice profile.

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