Updated: 22 October 2017, 16:17:29.
How to access and test localhost from your devices over your wi-fi network

I have been thinking about how to access to my localhost in windows from Android/Apple devices. Every now and then, web developers bump into the problem of accessing localhost sites/apps from their mobile devices.

As a general practice, all files of a website are uploaded to remote server (generally under a subdomain named "demo") and tested using various devices and browsers. Whenever any file goes under any change, it is again uploaded to remote server for testing. This is certainly time consuming and tiresome task.

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How to combine all .vcf files to single .vcf file manually to merge into Gmail Contacts

The VCF file extension is related to many personal management and e-mail programs like Microsoft Outlook. VCF format is an universal standard for storing personal or business contacts, such as name, e-mail, social networks, address, or phone numbers. These files are frequently used for import and export of contents between two programs or devices and their respective address books. They can also be sent as e-mail attachments.

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There are some free services out there that let you make country and IP-based geolocalization from the client-side.

wipmania is a free JSONP service can be used to determine visitor's country, it's really simple to use:

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Many shared server environments currently run .php scripts using the PHP4 interpreter and .php5 code using the PHP5 interpreter. Rather than changing all your file extensions, and perhaps breaking many links, use a .htaccess file to dynamically map one extension to the other.

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