Joomla! is a popular Content Management System (CMS) having the second largest user base in the earth and the Internet is a really big, big, big thing. As good things coming in this area, bad things also surfaces. One of the worst thing among them is the security flaws that make websites vulnerable to exploit.

Security is a huge matter. It is not possible to make the security 100% flawless by following any standards. Because, security hole can surface not only in software, but also in hardware-level. However, the hope is that security experts have asked to follow some steps regarding stepping up securities.

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When a Joomla! 3.8.3 based website shows it's frontend, its template itself loads a lot of jQuery-based .js files from the core of Joomla! which includes jQuery and jQuery-dependent scripts. We will be able to know what scripts is loading in the templates with the "_scripts" array variable of the HtmlDocument object via var_dump.

These scripts are loaded where "<jdoc: include type = "head" />" line is written in the template.

In this tutorial we will look at today, how to disable or remove all or some of these scripts arbitrarily.

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In a Ubuntu-powered VPS, there was requirement to run a PHP script on every 15 minute. So, I fire up Google, search in ubuntu-related resources and setup it a cron job that run on every 15 minutes. This article is a ready-reference for me and, of course, for the rest of the world who runs into similar scenario.

Cron jobs are executed by www-data user.

I used Crontab and below is the command that I issue to start new cron job:

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Do you want to be an SEO expert? Then take a look into these aspects you need to know…

Interviewer: So, you have applied for the position of the SEO expert, haven’t you?

Applicant: Yes, sir. That is right.

Interviewer: How long have you been into SEO?

Applicant: About two years.

Interviewer: Tell me, what sort of SEO stuffs you are familiar with?

Applicant: Well sir, I know all about it!

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YouTube is the name of a popular Social Media in online world. It is so popular that now its user is almost billions. YouTube is no longer a medium just for watching movies or listening to music. Here are a lot of things to learn about tutorials and to know about any new product or service.

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